Note: This random sampling of hundreds of Giuliano???s reader???s reviews over the years was compiled from Amazon.com???s extensive coverage found there

Deserves A Place In Any Serious Beatles Library
???There’ve been so many book on the Beatles – picture books, biographies, group portraits – that another seems overkill, but Revolver: The Secret History of the Beatles promises something different: it comes from a long-time Beatles author/historian and gathers interviews with the group’s inner circle and rare tapes of the band’s private conversations to prove a unique insider’s focus on the group. From adultery of Beatles members with each other’s wives to stormy family encounters, Revolver: The Secret History of the Beatles is intimacy like you’ve not seen elsewhere – and deserves a place in any serious Beatles library.???
A ReaderFebruary 5, 2007

Giuliano! A Trusted Name In Beatles Lore Does It Again!
???I was very, very happy to see yet another stunningly well written book by master Beatles author Geoffrey Giuliano (some 27 books on the Fab Four alone). With so much inaccurate, money motivated Beatles spin out there I love G2’s no nonsense, human, penetrating tome on the Beatles as a group. This is the finest, most thoughtful, fair minded book I have ever read on John, Paul, George and Ringo. I became a fan of Mr. Giuliano after stumbling on his website (bearing his name) and was amazed at the incredible and well reviewed output of this man. He is not only a decades long Beatles insider, having know George Harrison and many close to him like ‘Legs’ Larry Smith and Vivian Stanshall, but is also a keen observer of human nature and natural storyteller as well. At 50 Something Giuliano not only watched the 1960’s unfold he obviously lived them in the hip capitols of the world. This is no fawning PR job, but rather, a comprehensive, dispassionate, highly enjoyable read on the world’s most enduring pop legend. I liked it so much I rushed to my local mall and bought five copies for my friends! Well done G2!!! Thank you for finally showing the world the Beatles as they really were; four super talented very human beings. Can’t wait for his new George Harrison book!???
Daniel Fielding-BoothApril 22, 2006

A Fantastic Book
???This book is astounding. Geoffrey Giuliano describes in detail the life of the man so few people know about because of his reputation as the “Quiet Beatle”. This book takes you from George’s early life in Liverpool to his recent one, as an established solo artist. It contains elements such as George’s mistakes in life, such as his drug use, along with his accomplishments. A fantastic book on a fantastic man.???
A ReaderJanuary 10, 1998

Should Be A Movie
???This book should be made into a movie! It is by far the best chronicle I’ve ever read on Lennon’s revolutionary and paranoid post-Beatles years. Giuliano is at his best in this controversial biography–finally the wild truth about the brave Brit who chose to make the USA his home.???
Brandon M. StickneySeptember 10, 2001

Very Informing And Interesting
???I thought that this book was the best thing I have ever read. I am only fourteen and I wasn’t alive when John Lennon was around, so I thought this book was very informative. I have always had a fascination with him and the Beatles, but I had no idea what his life was really like. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I think that if you are interested in the life of John Lennon, you should read it. I am going to read it again, definitely. Brilliant read, I’m not sure if it is true or not but who could verify it? All I know is that Lennon seemed at pain to understand himself let alone the world. A wonderful book.???
James K, EnglandFebruary 4, 2001

???I have recently thought of how John, as New Yorker John, would have responded to the September 11th terrorists attacks. No doubt intelligently and in a giving way with his music. No book could “tarnish” John Lennon. Any “neuroses” of his, already well-known, written about in detail only confirm his “realness” as a human being and brings him closer to people who knew him and his music.
He WAS always searching for happiness – but how can it be said he was a tragic person in the pursuit of it? He expressed that search and shared it so beautifully with so many other people, that the impact he had could never be called tragic. His untimely death made him a tragic hero – his queries into the nature of human happiness did not. ???
Valerie, USASunday, 14 October, 2001

Lennon As Anti-Myth
???I’ve loved John Lennon since I was 15 (I was born in ’73) and at first, loved him as the quintessential ‘roughneck’ Beatle-boy. After listening to all of the Beatles, and most of Lennon’s solo work, I felt there was much more to Lennon than one could imagine. A darker, more self-deceptive and sinister side.
If the peace-lovin’, or even straight-laced (like my parents) generation of the ’60’s, would have their way, John would (and is) branded as the radical, hippie peacenik, or just general happiness-spreading guy, that revolutionized the world through his music, his (and the Beatles’) charm and the ‘media’s’ interpretation of his work. As a child of the 80’s and 90’s (god rest Kurt Cobain), I choose to seek out the more bare-boned truth about Lennon. If you believe that the ‘Media’ tells us everything about an artist, even in his own supposed words, then you should not read this. If you believe that Lennon, in his best efforts in songwriting, showed us ‘everything’ there is to know about him, you should not read this. If you believe that history is made the most truthful today, instead of when most of the figures are long dead, you should not read this. In the last few years, from seeking out books from Fred Seaman, May Pang, Albert Goldman (gasp!), I have found that Lennon is the most endearing, and the most tragic, of all Myth-like figures.
Lennon’s caustic anger is well-known, even innocent figures like Dezo Hoffmann, in his book ‘The Faces of John Lennon’, tell of John’s savage anger, putting Dezo down in front of a whole film crew (and this was a book of portraits, with a small intro, nonetheless!). Brian Epstein, probably the most sympathetic and admirable of the Beatles’ entourage, suffered (in his own, or as others’ say, Derek Taylor’s) book, when he talks about John’s savage outbursts.
Can it not be said that John was a completely insecure, paranoid man who suffered many demons? This is what Giuliano is trying to convey, and I think he does it quite well. That John was bisexual, I have no doubt. Stuart Sutcliffe was an up and coming great artist, and according to many modern opinions in the art world, might have become one of the defining artists of his generation, if not for his death. When John met Yoko, I believe he said something to the effect of his ‘wanting to meet a true artist and be swept away’, as he was with her.
Why wouldn’t John have been captivated by Stuart? He met Cynthia at art school, but she didn’t live up to his demanding expectations… Giuliano’s writings may not merit ‘scholarly research’, but it seems to me that his writing of John in his later years, paranoid, lost, self-doubting, starving himself or drugging himself into ill-health (can anyone say that the last pictures of John are HEALTHY ones! To me, in every pic, good and bad, of the last few years of his life, he seems to be a very emaciated, walking skeleton, so very sad to see, considering how beautiful John was up to about 35), are very true ones.
Even Julian, on his own website, has this quote:
“My dad’s music was a great inspiration to me He wasn’t a great father. He was a great musician. That’s always been a touchy one, and it will be until I can find the answer, but I don’t know if there is one. I didn’t hate him, but I was scared of him. I didn’t know this man at all, and trying to rebuild a relationship that was never there made him as frightened of me as I was of him.”
Giuliano actually treats Yoko fairly, I think (but then again, I’ve read Goldman, and his absolute vilification of her character chills me). Giuliano does give Yoko some credit, unlike many reviewers who have said he grates her to shreds, by noting that Yoko did her best to save Lennon from a sure breakdown, a few times over. At the same time, it seems that Yoko stifled John by becoming an almost ‘Aunt Mimi’ figure, demanding, impossible to please, ever critical.
As far as all the mumbo-jumbo about numerology, astrology, psychic matters in the book, isn’t it clear that John wrote some rather shamanistic tunes? #9 dream, Mind Games, I Am the Walrus, Tomorrow Never Knows? Didn’t he write some rather low self-esteem tunes, like ‘I’m A Loser’, ‘Help!’, ‘Mother’, ‘Jealous Guy’, and dare I say, ‘Crippled Inside’ (which was supposedly written about Paul, but I really think is John talking about himself).
Overall, I think he’s done a fair job of showing us the last years of Lennon. I actually felt very depressed, though, in seeing a great man, who, if he would have believed more in himself, could have saved himself and gone on to make more meaningful, gorgeous music, as he did with the boys in the glory days.???
VgothJanuary 2, 2003

A Man For All Seasons-Even Winter
???Here is the REAL John Lennon at last! Vulnerable, human and real. After reading this book I feel CLOSER to both the man and his wonderful timeless music. Thank you for being so brave Geoffrey!???
Jessica ParkerOctober 12, 2002

This Was Such A Great Book
???I read all of this book and it was great. Everyone who has any interest in the Beatles or John, of course, should check out this book and this author. Giuliano rocks.???
A ReaderAugust 6, 2002

Made Me Open My Eyes
???Giuliano – First off, thank you for writing such an historical, accurate truth about a man we all love so much. We all love this man, feel bad for the man. Even without reading this book everyone knew that something was wrong, but no one told us what. You did! Thanks! You writing is terrific, well put together. I would like to take a moment and laugh with you that Yoko Ono couldn’t do anything about stopping this book from coming out. She wants everyone to think her late husband was a wonderful God. He was wonderful, but not a God, a person who needed love, and obviously this book shows that Yoko couldn’t do that. I believe Yoko was just jealous, aggravated, and mostly a witch when it came to her husband. She always wanted to be the one at the top. If it wasn’t for John she would be living in a studio apartment in the Bronx with absolutely no income. Thank you Geoffrey for helping me understand him, and let me get closer to the man inside the skin.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

Honorable Insight On An Icon
???Geoffrey Giuliano is a writer for our times. A spiritual man who obviously feels very deeply for his subject. John Lennon was a simple human being whose great talent was only one aspect of his expansive being. Giuliano brings out the man behind the myth in a convincing way no other author has yet done. In many ways Giuliano’s unique, and sometimes forcefully truthful voice is refreshing in this politically correct world of love to your face and venom behind your back. With Giuliano’s work everything is always upfront, which is rare. From his easily readable work I now feel I really understand John Lennon as a total human being. Thank you Mr. Giuliano! I highly recommend this book. Read it, you will NOT be sorry!???
A ReaderOctober 6, 2000

The True Story Of John Lennon
???This is a good book because most John Lennon books don’t talk about the many bad sides of Lennon–such as his drug additions and failure as a father to Julian. This is a hard book for a Beatle/Lennon fan to read at times because it says some stuff that isn’t really nice. Overall, I think this is a good biography of Lennon.???
A ReaderSeptember 11, 2000

Rolling Stone Magazine: Yoko Is Dead, The Myth Is Over!
???When the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had its Ribbon Cutting in Cleveland, Ohio a few years ago, Yoko Ono was a prominent presence helping to open the doors. She was the guest of Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone, who would often provide Yoko a forum for her ranting (pro: John; anti: Paul). I never understood this and after reading this book I wonder when the honeymoon between Ono and Rolling Stone will end? Does Yoko have pictures of Wenner or what? From this book and others, it looks like Yoko wrecked the world greatest rock and roll band and killed the soul of a great solo artist! Perhaps she should be inducted into the the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame. Poor John Lennon but he chose her and made his own bed. Pitty John….Paul, George, Ingo, Phil Spector and George Martin. I would think that at least 1,000 other rock n’ roll artists deserve red to be at the ribbon cutting session ahead of Yoko. I could not put down this book because the Yoko PR machine had made Lennon into some kind of saint. This book is brave since the author faces the possibility of a large multi-million dollar law suit that could ruin him or take years defending him. I admire this guy for that. It seems to buttress itself with numerous eye witness accounts from staff at the Dakota and from musicians. I was surpised by the bad parenting, drug abuse, crazed occult, permissive sexual behavior, authoritarian Yoko, and mental problems. This reads in someways like a British Brian Wilson story–but thank goodness Brian is now touring and making music again. I am so glad that I am not rich and famous! I treasure being able to go out–like I did today–get a meal, go to a bookstore, and music store without fear of being hassled. John Lennon seems like he lived like a prisoner at the Dakota–a sad and pathetic existence. Yoko does not come off very good in this book. One time she ordered John to have ten days of silence or forced herself on the Double Fantasy record or find another consort (May Pang among others). I wonder too with a billion dollar empire what she is doing with her money to promote world peace, ecology or hand gun violence? Where was she at million mom march against guns? At 67 years of age, she still has a chance to rewrite her legacy by doing some good with her money. Since she is reading all of these reviews on Amazon.com, I hope she will realize why she might be considered one of the most hated women in the world. Does she have any redeeming social values? y the way, this is not the best Beatle book, check out the under appreciated “Get Back Sessions: The True Story of the Disastrous Let It Be” That book is amazing in detailing from tapes of the sessions how Yoko wrecked the Beatles! Even if this book is even half true–I think bixexual behavior and the suggestion that he was responsible for the untimely death of one of the Beatles before fame hit–is a bit much and takes away from the book so I dropped it by one star! Cry if you must but this is a tragedy! I can’t wait for the movie!???
A ReaderJune 18, 2000

Los Paranoias
???The dream is over. If you’re ready for your eyes to pop out and your jaw to drop when reading all things re:- Lennon, this is where to get it. I guess I’m ready for the Goldman book now. This one, though, supposedly coming from the horse’s mouth, exposes the dream of John & Yoko, the myth of Lennon in America, for what they were. Giuliano gives some pretty astounding stuff just boiling over with implications. What the reader learns here about the subject of the book is almost completely devoid of the Lennon magic, his love for life, the happiness he gave to us all in sound and written word or the expansive and giving personality he shared with the world. The reader will find this John Lennon to be the ex-Beatle least equipped for the U.S.A. as he observes the worlds around him with restlessness, distrust, paranoia and emotional starvation. It’s not unfair to say that he was a homesick, bulimic heroin abuser who seemed to stick to witches, clowns, goblins and pretenders to the throne almost immediately after he arrived here. He was running away from problems resulting from an enchanted childhood shattered. For reasons never fully explained, he felt suffocated in Britain and he ran away from the constructs he created: Beatles and family.
It was a shock to learn that he didn’t plan to even stay here forever. And that is why it’s unimaginable that someone so dedicated to personal freedom and liberty (invisability) would leave his estate (with recording studio and island) in Berkshire to go across the Atlantic and take on the U.S. government during the Nixon years. He won, though, and lived to see it. His political philosophy was genuine but he seemed most dedicated to obliterating his own identity. He grew up, in a way, in the U.S. through his disappointments. Lennon opened his arms to leftist celebrities who exposed themselves as the opportunists they were. His network here was a much darker crew than the one he left back in England. More importantly, they just may have actually killed the music. His best solo work was truly inspired (check out the “Gimme Some Truth” DVD or VHS for a reaffirmation of this). Coming out between the lines of “Lennon In America”, though, was that his best solo work didn’t happen during his years in the Land of the Free. The best of what he released here was either Tittenhurst-era residue (“Mind Games”) or earlier Beatles psychedelic residue (“#9 Dream”).
I was always a “Yoko supporter” but this book draws out complexities in her character that leave one perplexed. Yoko was great artistically. I loved her Plastic Ono record, her Grapefruit book and the “Fly” album as well as at least one or two things from everything she did since. Her contribution to John’s music, her influence on John’s art, his “concepts” was really positive in so many ways.
What alarms me most about Lennon In America is that there seems to be something very, VERY sinister cooking around John Lennon the whole time he was in Meat City (or anywhere else in the U.S.). Some poisonous characters (including John himself) always seem to be intent upon killing him. I can’t help but wonder what magic would have been recorded at Ascot Sound had he never left England. I should thank you, Geoffrey, for the help in taking the scales from my eyes. Or, should I????
Alec WayJune 6, 2000

Maybe There’s Something To This
???After hearing all the controversial buzz over Lennon in America I decided to read the book and keep an open mind. For those who say their beloved Beatle John couldn’t possibly have behaved this way-ie, bouts of physical violence, drug use, manipulation by his wife, check previous sources: John Green, Albert Goldman, Fred Seaman, May Pang. I guess they’re all lying too, right, and it’s all a conspiracy? And remember way back when, when Yoko Ono was universally despised as the “Dragon Lady” who broke up the Beatles? I guess this must be revisionist history at its finest!???
ReteJune 5, 2000

Giuliano As Truth Teller
???Geoffrey Giuliano has written a book that both entertains and informs. Like his previous tomes on the Beatles LENNON IN AMERICA pulls no punches and owes nothing to the spin doctors and obsessive compulsive Beatle worshippers who while their life away in artless dreams about their heroes. Here is truth for truth’s sake. John Lennon must be smiling somewhere now that his amazing story has finally been so beautifully told. I recommend this book to everyone who admires John Lennon the artist and charismatic human being. Thank you Geoffrey! History has been well served by your genius!???
Sachi SharmaMay 27, 2000

???Twenty years after his sudden and unfortunate death it seems that there are still people who still cannot get enough of Lennon. It seems that stones continue to be overturned, revealing more information about the guy, both good and bad. I’ve read a few books on the Beatles and on Lennon in particular, including the Grossman book. This particular piece – Lennon in America -is a fine read. I suggest you read the prologue at least and then see what you think. Personally, I find it well written and well researched, honest and apt. Its also interesting to learn more about JWL’s sexually and how much he liked having his skin flute played. Oh Yoko!???

It Ain’t A Bore
???As a casual John Lennon fan I can’t say for sure how much of Lennon in America is 100 percent accurate, but it occurs to me, why would any publisher risk a multi million dollar lawsuit (especially from someone as wealthy and powerful as Yoko Ono) if this book is a “boldface pack of lies”? Having said that, I found this book thoroughly entertaining and highly insightful of those last years of Lennon we never knew much about. Let’s face it, can any of us claim we REALLY knew John Lennon? Sure, we loved his commitment to world peace and his music was legendary, but com’on, were any of us behind the closed doors of the Dakota? We may not like what we read about our heroes, especially if they’re portrayed as less than heroic, but that’s real life. Read Lennon in America. If it’s not entirely accurate, it’s altogether fascinating!???
Chico May 16, 2000

The Real Lennon At Last Unveiled
???Having heard writer Geoffrey Giuliano speak at many international Beatles conventions, having read all of his previous books on the Fab, plus knowing firsthand his reputation as a world renowned Beatles authority, I approached his latest work, Lennon in America with every confidence that it is an accurate and well researched account. In short, this book is a must for every Lennon fan, even the most casual one. Giuliano takes us inside the fortress-like walls of the Dakota to show us a hero whose feet of clay perhaps render him a bit more like the rest of us mere humans. But considering Lennon was hounded by the FBI, stalked by maniacs, and surrounded by a cast of characters that included psychics, tarot readers and gold diggers, is it any wonder that the figure who arises in Giuliano’s work come off as paranoid, insecure and easily manipulated? And yet, when all its said and done, Lennon’s innate decency and genius still shine through. This is one author who refused to back away from the truth. Bravo.???
ChicoMay 9, 2000

A Real Eye Opener
???There’s no doubt Geoffrey Giuliano has stirred up controversy with his pull no punches inside look at rock legend John Lennon. But name me any bio worth its salt that hasn’t. As for authenticity, considering the former Beatle documented just about everything he did, I’m betting author Giuliano is right on target with this fast-paced account that is at once sizzling, shocking and sympathetic. Thanks Geoffrey, for a great read. I can’t wait for your next book!???
DerekMay 5, 2000

???A very accessible and forthright telling of Lennon’s post-Beatles years. Not for the faint of heart, though, and those wanting to maintain a candy-coated impression of the rocker will be seriously challenged within these pages. It’s a shame that this highly substantive, unabashedly candid book hasn’t truly been given the attention and credibility it deserves…yet. If you’re curious about Lennon the human being and not the marketing tool, you will adore this book.???
Dick Bradley

Giuliano Gives Us Some Truth
???It’s a daunting task to mount a national platform and crush the rosy, comfortable myths of a beloved worldwide icon. Kudos to author Geoffrey Giuliano for the rare courage to forge this refreshing and probing look at the mysterious latter years of John Lennon’s life. As someone who has tracked the rocker’s career I can attest that Mr. Giuliano’s work has hit the bullseye of accuracy and insight. Frankly, I’ve never understood why some people see the truth as threatening, especially when culled from personal journals (which are consistent with everything I know about Lennon). Even with all of the musician’s stumbling and warts on display in this wonderfully written bio (along with enough bombshells to keep the pages turning), Lennon is merely revealed as a gifted artist who temporarily lost his way and allowed himself and his fortunes to be dictated by others with their own exploitive agenda. But this should come as no surprise, considering his upbringing by weak, mostly absentee men and a regiment of iron-willed “Amazon” women. If John Lennon comes off as “all too human” for many peoples’ taste, does it really take anything away from the man’s creative genius, remarkable wit and endearing charisma? Read this book (by far, the most engrossing of all Beatles works) and keep in mind – author Giuliano is only the messenger delivering Lennon’s own mantra: “Just Gimme Some Truth!???
CaseyMay 1, 2000

Best Beatle Bio Ever
???I LOVE this book. Giuliano gets deep into the psyches of Lennon, Ono, and their inner circle and weaves a gripping tale of an artist the world only THINKS they know. If the Beatles have had the monumental impact on your life that they have on mine, you owe it to yourself to read this book!???
Dick BradleyApril 27, 2000

Book For All
???Lennon in America is a wonderful book. We should know the truth of the people we look up to. Why should we look up to someone who is partially good, and partially bad? This is a tell all book. Everyone must get a copy. Even if you do not like the Beatles, you can read it for its wonderful writing. Geoffrey Giuliano, thank you for this WONDERFUL book!???
A ReaderApril 23, 2000

A Deep Look At Genius
???Geoffrey Giuliano’s newest (and best) book on the Beatles has finally been published after 16 years of work. As the leading author in Beatledom this explosive books brings the public closer to the real John Lennon than has ever previously been possible. The research is airtight. The writing impeccable and the obvious regard for Lennon very much present. This is THE book for everyone ever touched by the greatness of John Lennon! Bravo Giuliano!!???
A ReaderApril 18, 2000

Lennon Rescued From History
???Here at last is John Lennon free of the self interested dictates of Yoko Ono and her inner circle of yes men. Giuliano paints a masterful picture of a complicated man in the most extraordinary circumstances. Although, I think, often unfairly judged for his straight ahead truth telling writing style Giulianopaints powerful word pics of his subjects leaving the spin to the public relations men. As for where this newest book lies with the vast body of other Beatle tomes over the last thirty years, I think it’s the tip top. Here is John Lennon as he really was, with all his many human weaknesses still the greatest musical icon of the late 20th century. Lennon In America is the Beatle book I’ve been waiting all my life or!???
A ReaderApril 18, 2000
???Glass Onion showcases rare, exclusive interviews with the Beatles, their families, friends, and musical colleagues. Also featured is an eclectic array of uncensored press conferences, letters, FBI memos, contemporary reportage, and dozens of previous unpublished photos. Herein recorded are the inimitable voices and views of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, alongside those of Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Pete Best, Julian Lennon, Brian Epstein, Billy Preston, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Ravi Shankar, Denny Laine (of Wings), Bo Diddley, Jerry Rubin, and a host of others. Readers will learn of Elvis Presley badmouthing the Beatles to President Nixon; a boozy conversation between Lennon and Samuel Beckett; John Lennon’s last will and testament; Paul’s feeling son God, John, and Linda???s death in 1998. Glass Onion is an intimate, candid, kaleidoscopic, revealing, illuminating portrait of the world’s most popular rock band as expressed by the “Fab 4” themselves, and those who knew them best, personally and professionally.???
Midwest Book ReviewFebruary 3, 2000

Great Book!
???If you want to get to know the private George here is the book with the key to all your questions. The book deals also to a greater part about George, India and his religion…something that you can hardly find in other bios about George and the Beatles. I can only recommend this oeuvre…BUY AND ENJOY IT! I have to read it again and again…???
A ReaderJune 2, 1998

Great Insight
???Loved the man. Loved the book. NOW I understand who George Harrison really was. Thank you.???
A ReaderFebruary 13, 2003

???This is the SPIRIT of Harrison captured on paper and ink. Not an easy thing to do. Great work on a great man!???
Hari’s SonOctober 12, 2002

God Bless You George Thank You Geoffrey!
???Harrison was a great man. Giuliano is a great writer and a greater fan. What more can you say? I loved this book. A rich tapestry of a wonderful man and musician.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

Beatles Album
???A Perfect Blend of Nostalgia & Memorabilia
This is definitely a well presented volume I would highly recommend for those interested in music from that particular era. It is a brilliant summary of a large portion of the musical genres, formats, and marketing strategies that existed during the 1960s. Even a reader who is not particularly a Beatles fan will likely find this book fascinating and enlightening.???
Jon StricklandDecember 9, 1998
???This is definitely a well presented volume I would highly recommend it for those interested in music from that particular era. It is a brilliant summary of a large portion of the musical genres, formats, and marketing strategies which existed during the 1960s. Even a reader who is not particularly a Beatles fan will likely find this book fascinating and enlightening.???
Jon StricklandDecember 9, 1998

???I have read several other biographies of Rod Stewart and this is by far the best. Giuliano successfully integrates the personal and professional sides of Stewart in a highly readable book.
If you’re looking for lots of photos of Stewart this is not the book for you. There are several photo biographies available to fill this quest. However, if you’re interested in Stewart the man, from his childhood in North London in the 1950’s, his entry into the London music scene in the 1960’s, through his marriage to Rachel Hunter, this is the book you’ve been looking for. Through interviews with contemporaries Giuliano paints a compelling picture of the human being beneath the stage persona that Rod’s fans have loved, or at times tolerated, for over 30 years.
Giuliano does not gloss over the mistakes, arguments, lost friendships, often driven by ambition to be at the top, that have brought Stewart to where he is today.
The flaws are there, along with the drive for perfection in his music, both of which have caused Stewart as much heartache as fame. It is refreshing to get a behind the scenes view of someone who has spent so much of his life if the public eye. Giuliano separates the rumors from the facts, so be prepared to accept that the god has feet of clay.
I can think of no way to improve on Giuliano’s story, other than for him to write a second edition and bring the story up to the present. The alternative is for Stewart to write his own autobiography. In the meantime, this is as close as it gets.???
Carole BakerJanuary 2, 2003

???With this book Giuliano has done a terrific job! Not a dull moment! Put together well, accurate information, with rare photographs and behind the scenes stories. The true Rod Stewart is put out in this wonderful book by Geoffrey. Thanks.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

Engaging Fair Intelligent
???The Two of Us” is engagingly written, intelligent, and reasonably fair, I think, to all parties— probably the most readable Beatles book I’ve yet encountered. It doesn’t contain much new information, but let’s face it, how much new information is there possibly to be had????
A ReaderNovember 16, 1999

Great Book Great Buy
???I have always been into the music, but never into the history until I got this for my birthday. I have to say I am very thankful for my sister for getting this for me. Now, I am collecting every one of Giuliano’s books. I not only love the history now, but I love his writing.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002
Two Of Us, The Bomb!
???I am just 15 years old and wasn’t even born when the Beatles were together, but this book has taught me so much about the creative genius behind the group and has written in a fair-minded, carefully researched manner. Thank you Geoffrey Giuliano for this great book.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

Well Written Well Thought Out
???Help! A contingent of MacManiacs are laying siege to this site. Just before these fetishists club me to death let me say that (duck) it seems to me this book (dodge) paints a fairly flattering portrait of the object of their adoration (ow!), and that I consider this book very well-written and well-thought-out for (ouch!) a Beatles book. Whether you should be (pant, pant) wasting your time reading Beatles books at all is another matter–keeps you off the streets I expect. (Crunch!)???
A ReaderNovember 16, 1999

Best Bio Of Macca’s Post Beatles Years
???There are many books about Paul McCartney, but this is the only one I’ve read that devotes as much time to his Wings and solo years as his Beatle years. The Beatles story has been dissected so many times, in so many ways, there is really nothing new to tell. Everybody knows the Beatles were the best group ever, and Paul was the driving force for many of their great works. But what did he do after the Fabs split? That’s where this book is useful. It’s too bad the author occasionally gets sidetracked into gossipy dirt about Paul and his associates (much of it coming from Jo Jo Laine), because he also has much positive to say about the man – particularly the loving relationship between Paul, Linda and their kids. I found Denny Laine’s comments to be very helpful. He worked with Paul for 10 years, yet his contributions to Wings are usually glossed over in other books. Here, you get more of a sense of what he brought to the band – a strong lead and backup singer, multi-instrumentalist, and occasional songwriting partner for Paul. Wings truly had some great musicians in their ranks through the years – the bluesy guitarist Henry McCullough, the talented, but tortured guitarist/songwriter Jimmy McCulloch, rock solid drummer Steve Holley, and virtuoso guitarist Laurence Juber among them. I had a greater appreciation for their efforts after reading this book.
The author doesn’t neglect Paul’s solo years, either. Critics have loved attacking Paul’s music for decades, but time has been kind to albums like “McCartney”, “Ram”, “Tug of War” and “Pipes of Peace”. You don’t have to think McCartney is a saint to love the music.???
RonNovember 11, 2009

???With this book Giuliano has done a terrific job! Not a dull moment! Put together well, accurate information, with rare photographs and behind the scenes stories. The true Rod Stewart is put out in this wonderful book by Geoffrey. Thanks.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

This Book Never Made Me Hate McCartney
???I read this book years ago and enjoyed it. I know a lot of people say it puts McCartney in a bad light, but it never changed the high opinion I have of the man. No one is perfect and this book cuts through the public persona to reveal that, hey, the guy has flaws like the rest of us. I would love to read the updated version.???
Brad L. WoodsSeptember 24, 2010

???I read this book years ago and enjoyed it. I know a lot of people say it puts McCartney in a bad light, but it never changed the high opinion I have of the man. No one is perfect and this book cuts through the public persona to reveal that, hey, the guy has flaws like the rest of us. I would love to read the updated version.???
Ms. C. Siriannion October 4, 2009

Suspicions Confirmed – Paul Is A Tightwad Control Freak
???After reading all of the negative reviews about this book, I almost decided not to read it. However, I kept reading 5-6 pages at a time in different sections when I was deciding whether to read it or not. I found the book highly readable. After reading the book, I believe most people slagged this book because they are McCartney idol worshipers.
I thought the book was highly readable and read it with an open mind. The author confirmed some thoughts I had had about Paul for quite some time (especially after seeing him in concert three times) – that Paul is a control freak, it’s all about Paul, and that he’s an egomaniac.
I believe the author was very fair in his criticisms of Paul, and that it was constructive. At the end of the book, however, he does compliment Paul and Linda on their efforts with respect to their long standing efforts on behalf of human and animal rights.
The insights into Wings was fascinating, especially the sometimes violent rows between the various musicians. The book reads quickly and easily. But I assume, it is because the book was written in a glossy, readable style without getting into too much depth. He does rely lots of JoJo Laine…but she was there, nevertheless. Denny Laine comes across much more stoically than JoJo. But, maybe he is afraid of Macca. Nevertheless, an interesting read.???
Jerry WiltonDecember 6, 2007

Glad To Hear The Truth
???Finally an author who didn’t see the need to act like Paul was a God, saint or something. I think there needs to be more books like this about Paul that don’t hide the real him or whom he marries etc.???
A ReaderJuly 16, 2004

Macca For Real!
???McCartney is a mystery but not this great book. I liked it a lot as I do all of Giuliano’s works.???
A ReaderOctober 12, 2002

The Real McCartney
???I really liked this book. It???s not the usual worshipful tome one might expect. Here is McCartney warts and all. It???s about time we knew the real man behind the overblown legend.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

A Different Angle
???If you’re the kind of fan who thinks it is a sin to write anything negative about Paul McCartney, stay away from this book. Yes, the author is heavily partial towards Denny Laine and supportive of Paul’s stepsister Ruth. But he does provide some unusual views of Paul’s career. One thing that is difficult for some hardcore fans to understand is that everyone has a right to give their side of the story. All I can say is I really enjoyed reading this book. And somehow I thought I would when I read the negative reviews from the “Paul-can-do-no-wrong” supporters who felt offended by it.???
A ReaderFebruary 7, 1999

Worth Reading
???Paul McCartney was a Beatle, perhaps you know this already. The Beatle stories in this book are fun. The losers in Mc Cartney’s life also get an opportunity to have a go at him. Most of these were related to the awful Wings business. Mr. Giuliano takes Wings seriously. Furthermore he suggests that the writing partnership of McCartney and Denny Laine will be better appreciated in the future. I believe this songwriting team’s most acclaimed moment was Mull Of Kintyre… The book does, however, detail rather admirably the darker side of McCartney’s business life. It appears he is a rather shrewd, selfish and greedy individual. Who knows? Most of the people associated with him are either hangers on or wannabes. A very interesting book.???
Colm O CathainDecember 13, 1999

Harrison A Man For All Seasons
???I thought this colorful well designed book was great! There are lots of rare pictures of George, and even more rare stories. I recommend the book to anyone who loves George Harrison of the Beatles. Besides being a great writer, Giuliano clearly loves the subject.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

???With this book Giuliano has done a terrific job! Not a dull moment! Put together well, accurate information, with rare photographs and behind the scenes stories. The true Rod Stewart is put out in this wonderful book by Geoffrey. Thanks.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

Harrison In Pictures
???Here is George throughout his great life in GREAT photos and words. I loved it!???
A ReaderOctober 12, 2002

Lennon As You Have Never Seen Him
???Believe me, when they say these interviews are lost, it is no lie! I have been reading Beatles books for years and many authors just seem to cut and paste their books together with no thought of originality, or rarity. Geoffrey Giuliano however is the exception packing this book with interviews I bet John Lennon himself has never seen.???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

Lennon The Peace Lover
???Lennon and Yoko’s lost interviews it should be more like. This is a great book with many interviews with John and Yoko in their bed-in’s etc. In this book it shows john’s humorous side, witty side and of course his deepness. I loved the clippings of the news in the beginning of the book and learned things I didn’t know (like Yoko was to divorce John before he died. though it sounded like tabloid talk it probably was real) I love interviews with John because we get to know the real him and learn a lot about him. This was really a great book and it did have good pictures in them most of them unpublished.
A really, really GREAT interview book.???
JenonJuly 26, 2002

Packed Full Of Info On The Great John Lennon
???This book was very good and thorough especially when talking about John and Yoko’s peace campaign and bed-ins. Through this book I found a lot of information I have never heard before which is hard to find in many books on John. However, the only problem I have is the author seems to make clear his dislike of Yoko and it is upsetting. He includes his own digs at her as well as others he interviews throughout the book. But all in all it is great for all Lennon fans, with good never before seen photos.???
Jessica ClevelandOctober 21, 1998

Lennon At Last!
???Here is John Lennon the poet, composer, humorist and humanitarian, and, oh yes, Beatle. These interviews are indeed lost treasures from an author who obviously knows and loves his subject. Congrats to Mr. Giuliano for offering these rare gems to an ever Beatles hungry world. Packed, too, with dozens of unseen photographs.???
Joe DazonFebruary 1, 2004

Five Star Motherload
???I loved this book. It was great to hear the Beatles speaking for themselves for once. Great NEW pics too. A MUST buy for Beatles fans.???
Jessica ParkeronOctober 12, 2002

Great Book By A Great Group
???I have got all of Giuliano???s interview books and I think they are terrific. He has got a way with words and organization I have yet to see from any other Beatles historian or pop expert. Really good interviews and great pics as well.???
Jessica ParkerAugust 5, 2002

The Greatest Book On The Fab-4 Ever!
???I would just like to say that of all the books I’ve read on the Beatles this is the most interesting of all. Being a young fan of only 17 I was intrigued by the political views and social views of the fab four. This book not only shows their serious side, but also their witty sense of humor. I recommend this book to any Fab-4 fan who would like to have a good laugh and insight into these great musicians in history. Peace! 8-)???
Harrifan99@webtv.netAugust 23, 1998

???Full of pictures of the King and does have a lot of good commentary. It’s an easy and quick read. I recommend it.???
Melissa CoreyNovember 28, 2000

???This book is filled to the brim with rare photographs of the king. It is the best book out there on this subject. No one other than Geoffrey Giuliano could have written this. It is great. I am a big fan of Giuliano’s, everyone, check out his other billion books. Giuliano don’t stop writing!???
A ReaderAugust 5, 2002

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