Bad Words / Recollections Of A Raconteur

“A Sorded Tale Of Sex, Drugs And Vedic Mantras.” Harry Nilsson

From a brutal childhood and early days as a hippies hippie to his ultimate rise to the top of the international best seller charts as the 1990’s bad boy pop biographyer, FBI’s most wanted Hare Krishna and vocal advocage of psydhedelic drungs here is the sometimes sordid, sometimes sublime story of Giuliano and all the bad words that followed. [read more]

The Illustrated Museum Of 60’s Music & Culture

???The Story Of Our Lives??? 

As of the pre-publication announcement this tome has inspired over 23,000 Facebook people to “like” the book.
An extraordinary achivement for a yet to be published work. [read more]

After Eden / A Little Boy Lost In The Land Of Smiles

???I will die for my son and i will kill for my son.??? Giuliano

The private  thoughts and canny public pronouncements of the man whose words and music made the world a  better place. Introduction by Levon Helm [read more]

The Lost Bob Dylan Interviews

???The mystic musician speaks out for the first time ever on his life,
loves and most importantly, his iconic music???

The razor sharp story of the kidnapping of three year old Dden Giuliano in Thailand and the Lonely, impossible, nine month search to recover the little boy by his american expat father. [read more]

Tattered / The Lost Rolling Stones Interviews

???The Stones climbed on stage in 1962 and never came off. Here is the best of the band???s private words and wild interviews.???

“As senior management for the Rolling Stones since the beginning I have seen many ambitious journalists in pursuit of the ultimate Stones literary revelations. Giuliano has come, perhaps closer than any other in hitting the nail on the head when it comes to getting down to the truth of these five remarkable men.” Tony Calder, 1999 [read more]

The Child Is The Father Of The Man

The Boyhood Of John Lennon

Introduction By John???s Cousin Dr. Leila Harvey

[read more]

Kitchen Religion / The Vegetarians Guide to Rock n??? Roll

A fascinating book about the diet that inspired the artists who changed the world .

Giuliano is uniquely qualified to put together a book like this. After all, he is perhaps the most famous rock journalist as well as the actor who portrayed Ronald McDonald on TV for several years. On top of that he a nearly life long vegetarian. Can???t wait to see it in print!PETA, 2013 [read more]

We All Shine On / John Lennon In Canada 1969

A Lennon???s most important, enigmatic period and he spent it in canada. From bed in???s to black bags here is John Lennon Circa 1969

???The trouble with government is it doesn???t represent the people. It controls them. The people who run the country only want to keep themselves in power and stop us from knowing what???s going on.??? John Lennon 69??? [read more]

The Blue Lotus / George Harrison & The Hare Krsna Movement

An illustrated history of the quiet Beatles iconic spiritual journey and how it inspired generations.

Giuliano knows more about my life than I do.  George Harrison, 1983. It turns out Harrison was a more dedicated Yogi than tunesmith. Derek Taylor [read more]

The iPhone Art Book


100 Artists Celebrate The Phone That Chaged The World. [read more]

Unseen India / A Spiritual Journey

Introduction by Terence McKenna / Backword by Ram Das

Two very different friends spend twenty years criss crossing india in search of it???s
ancient secrets, along the way they find themselves and each other
[read more]

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